Mark said…

Photo of Mark (kickboxing & circuit classes since 2017)

“I am inspired by the fun group and professional class leader Dave who keeps things fresh and interesting. Great therapy and helps keep me fit and active 3 times a week.”

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Marleen said…

Photo of Marleen (kickboxing & circuit classes since 2015)

“This kickboxing class has been my rock in the last few years. It’s like my emotional support group. I sometimes feel like staying home, but I am always glad that I went anyway – I always feel better afterwards!”

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Vanessa said…

Photo of Vanessa (kickboxing since 2018)

“The virtual kickboxing class has kept us all in touch during this COVID outbreak. Dave’s enthusiasm and way that you have transformed and developed the program for us remotely has been amazing.”

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Kirsten said…

Photo of Kirsten (Lean Team since 2007)

“When I started I remember being a bit worried that I’d be too out of shape and not be able to keep up. I also worried that it might aggravate old injuries. Dave was able to address my previous injuries and modify the exercises as needed.”

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Jim said…

Photo of Jim (50+ Strength & Mobility since 2014)

“Dave makes every class fun and upbeat. I found over time that I have been gaining strength and balance that my other activities weren’t providing.”

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Susan said…

Photo of Sue (50+ Strength & Mobility since 2014)

“Dave gives simple, clear instructions. He cares about the participants tailoring their moves to accommodate their issues and encourages them to take on challenges.”

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